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Checking package contents

The product package contains the items shown below. If anything is found to be missing after checking, contact the shop where you bought the product or VELDT Inc.

Items in the package

Items to be provided by the customer

To use this product, the following items shall be provided by the customer:

Supported iOS devices:
Our products are compatible with iPads, however the screen display will be limited to the size of the iPhone.

To charge the product using a USB cable, a computer with a USB port is required.

AC-USB adapter:
To charge the product from an AC power source, a commercially available AC-USB adapter is required.

Names and Functions

(1) Button A:
Cancel operation

(2) USB port:
Charge the watch by connecting to a power source using the supplied USB cable (open lid to access USB port).

(3) Button B:
Back button. Goes back to the previous mode or data screen.

(4) Button C:
Forward button. Goes to the next mode or data screen.

(5) LED:
Notifies information such as weather and schedule by variations of color, solid and flashing lights.

(6) Crown:
Set time.

(7) Button D:
Press and hold for Manner Mode.

(8) Display:
Displays menus, messages and other information.

You can assign a shortcut to buttons A and D for the desired services.

How to charge the watch

Connect the watch to a USB connector on your computer with the attached USB cable.


  • An AC-USB adapter is required to charge the product from an AC power source.
  • When connected directly to a USB port, the product can be fully charged in approximately 90 minutes or less.
  • When connected to a USB hub, the product may not charge correctly due to insufficient power supply. In such a case, connect the product directly to a USB port on the computer.

How to check the battery level

When nothing is shown on the display, press button B or C to show battery level.

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